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I have been a hunter as well as a merchant for a long time. When I asked myself what "my" perfect hunt would be, the answer was simple.

  • Classy shops with nice prizes, something many folks would keep. It doesn't need to be a grand gift for it to be worthwhile for me, but it does need to be special, unique, something I might use in the future if not right now.

  • NO DECOYS.   I understand why shop owner put up decoys, but they drive me mad! Yes, folks cheat, but the decoys are confusing for everyone, not just the cheaters. Merchants agree to the no decoy policy as well as not renaming their hunt item. On THEIR side of the equation, they can put up as many dummy same named prims as they like or rename walls to the hunt item. 

  • No wandering to find the shop. 

  • Prizes within 35 meters of the HUNT landing point listed on the blog. 
Now as a hunter I would be thrilled to have all this wonderfulness for free, but let's be realistic. Merchants work on hunt prizes, some of them a very long time. In IHUNTSL hunts, store owners have the option of pricing their items anywhere between $0 and $5 linden. They have the option of listing the price on this blog, or not. Photos of prizes are not mandatory, but we all know how many folks look at the photos before deciding to visit a store. 

There is no hunter group for IHUNTSL.  Feel free to help each other in IM, but don't shout out locations in open chat. Some folks actually enjoy the searching as part of the experience.

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