Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Merchant Boxes Sent

Merchant boxes went out today; really, really early for those of you that feel more secure if you know everything way ahead of time. If you missed yours, check the I HUNT SL group archives. I will resend in a couple of weeks so a copy of everything you need will always be available easily.

Instructions are included. Be sure and open the notecard that needs to be returned by August 12.  I'll be reminding you of that.  Any questions, just IM Chic Aeon.

Welcome to newest merchants:

1 Hundred.
*Finishing Touches*
Sheds and Shacks
BehaviorBody Animations and Model Pose
Vero Modelo 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

If I Were Rich - Changes, Changes.

Well of course, no matter how hard we try, something usually goes amiss. Yes it often does. With a growing list of stores I am very excited about, most joining by invitation and a few from applications, I realized that I had invited several stores that only do gals clothes. Oh my!

Obviously I want them on the hunt, so I changed the always flexible as I am the boss this time *wink* rules to reflect a "preference" for two gifts or a unisex item. Those that only have a one sex item will be noted on the blog. And I think that works for everyone.

  • Another bit of newness is that there will be a box of landmarks available at my store after the hunt begins so that those who have issues with web-based SLURLS (and I am one of them) will have an alternative method of getting to the stores. 

  • A box with everything folks need will be coming out in a few days.

  • Those of you that are strapped for time or simply despise taking vendor photos, I am happy to make a prize photo for you. Some of you have seen pictures of your products on my fashion and design blog. For those of you that have no idea, that's pretty much what I do!  See the ones already up, for examples.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Applications Now Open

Applications are now open for the If I Were Rich Hunt, a two week gridwide adventure starting August 15th.

Hunt details can be found here: http://ihuntsl.blogspot.com/p/for-merchants.html

Application can be found here: http://ihuntsl.blogspot.com/p/application.html

Current store list can be found here: http://ihuntsl.blogspot.com/p/stores.html

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

If I Were Rich Hunt

Riches! If you could afford anything, what would it be? A gorgeous gown, a quiet get-away place, an exquisite music box, silky lingerie (and boxers *wink*)?

Find your heart's desire in this hand-picked hunt.

The fun starts at NOON on August 15!