For Merchants


*****Make sure you agree with the rules before applying.*****

DATES: August 15 (noon) - 31, 2012

COST: $0 to $5 linden; merchant's choice. Merchant keeps money.


WALKTHROUGH: Item hidden and set for sale with LM to walkthrough person (that would be me, Chic) 3 hours before official start of NOON, August 15. Earlier is fine. Later, you will be removed from the blog list. You can certainly keep the hunt poster and prize up for your visitors, but the traffic will be much less.

PRIZES: Mens and womens or unisex gifts preferred (shops with only gifts for one sex will be noted on the blog).

MANDATORY: Prizes must be within 35 meters of HUNT landing point (the one listed on this blog).

OPTIONAL but highly advised: hint for blog

THEME: Riches! If you could afford anything, what would it be? A gorgeous gown, a quiet get away place, an exquisite music box, silky lingerie (and boxers *wink*)? Anything goes as long as it is upper class or has "attitude" (classy poses, personal trainer honed shapes etc.). Any era or theme is fine be it sultan, warlord or futuristic mover and shaker.

BLOG: IHUNTSL blog with have a list of stores with SLURLS and hints (optional). There will be no numbering; the list will be in order of acceptance. Merchants can choose to price their prize items from $0 to $5. If you would like the price of your prize listed on the website, simply send that info along with the notecard listing the location of your hunt prize, hunt hint (optional), and prize photo (optional - 512 full perm texture).

Half  MOST of this hunt will be by invitation. If you would like to be considered for a fill in spot, you need to:
  • Have a direct TP landing spot; it can be forced as long as your prize is within 35 meters.
  • Be willing to make an impressive prize; (you may be asked to send a prize from a former hunt).
  • Be a content creator, not a reseller or BIAB owner.
  • have the filter set to allow those with payment info entrance and not just those with verified accounts - adult sims only.  
  • not be a club, real estate office (this includes rentals), children's or gesture shop. 

GROUP: You or your store representative will join the hunt group and remain until the end of the hunt.

HINTS: these are optional, but if you do make a hint (many hunters love them) and plan to move your item partway through the hunt, it would be good to have a hint that is a bit ambiguous (like "water me" for any plants in your shop). If you have a very specific hint and move your item, PLEASE send in a new hint and I will replace on the blog. 

SIGN: You agree to rez your one prim modifyable with no floating text sign upon receipt within easy sight of the landing.

WALKTHROUGH: You must participate in the walkthrough by hiding the hunt item and then sending a notecard with the SLURL of the item. You will be asked for hints and prize photos at this time.

NON COMPLIANCE:  Any stores not having their hunt items ready at the final walkthrough (three hours before the start of the hunt) will be removed from the hunt list.

This is a no visible decoy hunt. You can rename every prim in your store to the hunt item name if you want, but no confusing "no buy" hunt items. You may NOT change the name of the hunt item.

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